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索尼Xperia Z1& friends – exclusive hands on with the new Sony super phone, Smart Watch, QX10 WiFi lens 和 more [Video]

We’ve said it before 和 we’ll say it again…索尼发生了什么事?谈论周转。该公司现在正处于某种酷炫产品发布的过山车中,每个似乎都比上一个更具创新性。它雇用了托尼·史塔克(Tony Stark)还是什么?无论如何,最新发布的产品是Xperia Z1,它在各个方面都是名副其实的智能手机怪兽。

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索尼Xperia Z1& friends – exclusive hands on with the new Sony super phone, Smart Watch, QX10 WiFi lens 和 more [Video]
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红 Ferret Throwback Machine(为您带来Red Ferret档案馆中的精华)

As you may know dear readers, the 红 Ferret is one of the original technology/gadget blogs, having been started by our esteemed founder 奈杰尔 back in 2000.  Since then the 红 Ferret crew has published more than 20,000 articles covering all sorts of weird, incredible 和 downright ridiculous stuff! Anyway, we thought it might be interesting to take a regular look back at some of the most popular posts from our recent (and not-so-recent) history. So here you go:

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红 Ferret Throwback Machine(为您带来Red Ferret档案馆中的精华)
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For those not-too-hot evenings when you want to sit 和 enjoy your garden, 细长的太阳能灯are a simple elegant way to enhance the mood. Whether staked to the ground or attached to your garden steps or bordering fence, a 4-pack of these will definitely brighten the view. Designed with safety in mind 和 state-of-the-art solar panels, just two hours of direct sunshine or a few more of indirect sun will light the area all night. And the weather…

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Chinavasion have given us a little sneak peak at one of their upcoming products, a 遥控渔船. This type of remote controlled boat (also called bait boats) allows anglers to get their hook 和 bait further out from shore without needing a real boat or a monster cast. This one can deliver 2kg of bait/berley/chum/rubby dubby up to 300 metres from the transmitter. The 10Ah battery will keep the boat chumming for 4 hours 和 it can…

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U板– Hands on review

我与Wacom数位板有多年的爱恨交织。我更喜欢通过鼠标将其用于日常计算,但是由于没有’t enough room on a desk to use the tablet 和 a keyboard comfortably I’m永远在两者之间切换。几周前当我第一次发现U板时,吸引我的是两眼之间挂着Wacom数位板的那张照片。这可能是…

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德本·雪貂搜寻器– 定位 that critter wherever he may be

Deben Ferret Finder可能是我们工业化社会中制造的最重要的设备之一。当然,以许多关键方式定位雪貂的能力非常重要。例如当它’不可能依靠…what?…not that kind of ferret? Animal? Small 和 furry? Hunter? Wow! £169.00.  The upgraded Ferret Finder 3 kit features a low profile transmitting collar 和 a receiver with a ‘search’ 和 ‘locate’ LED display 和 varying…

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Ever Green卫生纸非常重视可持续性。他们’率先取消使用柔软的100%可回收厕纸的传统保鲜膜。他们将绿色迈出了一步。他们所有的包装– pallets, store displays 和 the box itself –也是100%可回收的。他们的外观很酷的12卷装纸盒是根据一盒冰箱苏打水设计的,并配有侧面板,便于取下卷纸。那里’甚至是存放空卷芯的地方。盒子是空的…

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Nabaztag Rabbit的供应商Violet的好人正在推出新产品 在星期一。 Mir:ror系统 is a 面向消费者的RFID系统(读取器和令牌), 任何人都可以连接普通 objects to a 通过他们的PC,即Violet中央服务器系统进行计算机控制的网络 and a 新设计的RFID芯片 以称为Ztamp:z的粘贴式标签的形式。 想法是,您购买这些Ztamp:z的包装,将它们附加到您想要的任何东西上– e.g. 钥匙,书本,雨伞等– register 他们与中央服务器 从那一刻起…

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布伦南JB7微型自动点唱机 – at home with the CD rip 和 play machine

所以我’ve been 玩一个 布伦南JB7微型自动点唱机 for a few days, 和 I’米撕裂,真的撕裂。我很多人喜欢 the simplicity 和 ease of use of this rip 和 play micro Hi-Fi system, while the other bit is quietly wondering whether there’在庞大,糟糕的iPod主导的音乐世界中,它有市场吗?这会做任何使坞站启用的MP3播放器获胜的事情吗’?这有关系吗’不便携?有多有用…

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It’他们花了10年的时间,但诺基亚boffins终于完善了‘touch feedback’ touchscreen. Don’不要被简单的模仿振动所迷惑,这才是真正的麦考伊– you press a key on the screen, 和 it clicks under your finger with exactly the same sort of fingertip feedback as if you’d按传统的键盘键。诺基亚高级项目经理Roope Takala’s research labs 前几天在芬兰给我演示了该技术…

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豪华转角休息室。 $ 6.34。在他忙碌的高峰期,我们将在雪貂峰顶上进行全面调查,以进行全面调查。它’艰苦的工作,但是有人’一定要做,是吗?而且我们可能还没有 不久后发布一个愿望清单。

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VoIP 500DP DECT电话。你看妈’s an Internet phone, 和 a wireless DECT home phone. All in one rather ugly looking combo. But who cares, it’s brill 和 £96.91. Two Ethernet ports, SIP compatible, 8MB SDRAM, echo cancellation, PSTN, Caller ID, speakerphone 和 SMS send/receive. Yowsers!

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Pocketster-iPod。 Take one iPod. Add a Pocket PC. Throw in Pockester Pro software 和 bingo, become a walking jukebox. From the ‘how weird is that?’岩石学校,以一种东部标准部落的方式。€Pro软件为14.95。 Pocketster Pro (the advanced version of Pocketster) takes the idea a step further 和 adds an iPod Module. The module enables you to publish your iPod playlists 和 have anyone in the area listen to previews or download tracks wirelessly from those…

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